Peels and Facials

Chemical Peels | Amherst Dermatology | New York | DermatologistGive your skin care regimen a boost with our medical-grade facials or chemical peels. We can customize a treatment plan that will keep your skin healthy and glowing in every season. Regular facials and peels can ward off many signs of aging and clear up superficial issues such as breakouts or light pigmentation.

We also offer sclerotherapy injections at our practice, a convenient and painless way to get rid of varicose veins and spider veins.

Medical Grade Facials

If you have clogged pores, an uneven skin tone, or dehydrated skin, getting regular medical-grade facials can help to restore your skin’s health. We will customize a facial based on what your skin needs and may recommend a chemical peel to accelerate results.

Benefits of medical-grade facials:

  • Cleanses deep within the pores
  • Preventive care to ward off signs of aging
  • Maintains healthy pH balance of the skin
  • Customized for your skin type and skin care needs
  • Use of medical grade skin care products for optimal results
  • Chemical Peels

    Superficial peels can help to maintain results after a more aggressive treatment or simply freshen up your look for the season. Chemical peels work by speeding up the skin’s natural exfoliation process, purging the skin of dead skin cells and toxins with a natural cycle.

    We offer three types of chemical peels at our practice:

    • Lactic Acid Peels: Mild alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) peel ideal for sensitive skin types
    • Glycolic Acid Peels: AHA peel can help with pigmentation and hydrating dry skin
    • Salicylic Acid Peels: A beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) peel that helps dissolve oil and also sheds dead skin cells


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